I’m so glad you’re here! Pull up a seat, we have work to do.

This site exists to help you create a body of work with your life you are proud of. In the resource library here, you'll find pieces of the map, and discover (or rediscover) the compass that will help guide you on your journey.

A quick bit about the guy creating this stuff with and for you…I studied English and Religious Studies at the University of Iowa, where I fell in love with the power of the written word and the Jesus movement.

I have worked at churches creating and directing ministries, curating web and live experiences, and speaking to audiences ranging from 35-2,000 per weekend. I transitioned into the financial industry where I’m always working to find integration in my life while working in the heart of the greatest Empire our world has ever known. I love to share the insights I’ve gained during this process.

On this site, I discuss (on the blog) the pursuit of reconciling our lives to the gospel (or good news) of Jesus, and creating full and rich bodies of work with our lives.


I released my first book in 2012 called Creative Theology.

What people are saying about it…

Creative Theology is deep, smart, brave, and beautiful. If that’s the kind of work that inspires you, read … no, experience this book.” Scott McClellan – Communications Pastor and author of Tell Me a Story

“In the future, books will be a collision of content and art. Thanks to Sam Mahlstadt, the future is here. In this book, he helps us see the divine origination of creativity in the most beautiful format you could imagine.” Ben Arment – Founder of the STORY conference

“It is beautiful. I love the writing, the design… everything!” Paul Stewart – Lead pastor of The Gateway Church


If you’re interested in having me present at an event, please email smahlstadt at gmail dot com.

Sam shared with my eCourse his love for art and faith and I was so thankful. Hands down it was one of the richest experiences of the ten weeks and many of the women still talk about how Creative Theology changed their perspective of how we can serve the Church as artists. He’s articulate, passionate and focused—I highly recommend him.

-Elora Nicole

Below is a sampling of sermons, talks, and presentations I’ve given:

  • Spark talk at the Luminous Project conference.

  • Workshop on social media at the Cornerstone Ministerial Association International (CMAI) annual conference

  • Sermon at Cedar Rapids Family Church

  • Sermon on Creative Theology at Body of Christ Church.

  • TedxDesMoines action pitch for The Move Project

  • Teaching at Cornerstone Family Church – 18-29 age group

  • Workshop at Iowa Ministry Network’s Fall Youth Conference

  • Sermon at The Gateway Church. Audio here

  • Sermon at Cornerstone Family Church. Video here

  • Sermon at The Gateway Church. Audio here

  • Workshop at Lutheran Church of Hope's writers group

  • Sermon at Church of the Four Corners. Video here