Exercise your imagination

Imagination grows by exercise and, contrary to common belief, is more powerful in the mature than in the young.

            W. Somerset Maugham

I have two lovely daughters who spend their time (when we shut the TV off and take away our iPhones) using their imagination. They play house, and princesses, and doctor, and on and on and on, with simple props and a healthy dose of imagination. I adore it. It's beautiful to watch their creativity and their ability to speak worlds into existence.

Sadly...imagination tends to die away somewhere around the middle of our school years in our society. We are taught to think practically, and place all whimsy aside. We are taught to behave, stay in our desks, and not question what we learn. Raise your hand, wait your turn, and use your inside voice (always with the inside voice thing...even now...I digress). We educate kids out of their imagination. Oh, the danger of our education system.

If imagination is cultivated, however, Maugham is precisely correct.

Imagine...Einstein got kicked out of his formal classroom when he was a youngster. And, it is said that Einstein first became interested in physics while throwing spitballs in class - attributing to his expulsion.

Sir Ken Robinson delivered a brilliant TED talk (the most popular ever, in fact) on the topic of education and imagination, and how the two are often at odds. It doesn't have to bee like this. We have the ability to steward creativity. We have the ability to tap into our own creativity and give those around us the permission to do the same. After all...

Insatiably exercising your imagination far surpasses any classroom time or training.

Exercise your imagination today. It'll be good for you, and us.