Boundaries and Destruction

There is a fundamental and profound shift that occurs in the creation story (between Genesis 2:15 and 3:7). In the story, the man and woman place their focus on the singular boundary that God set in place.

The story begins (Genesis 2:15) with God placing man in the garden, as the King James Version translates it, to dress the garden.

To me, this is brilliant translation because it not only represents the participatory nature of our intended relationship with creation but also foreshadows the great misery about to come.

Fast forward a bit to what is commonly called The Fall, (Genesis 3:7) and we see the man and the woman sewing leaves together to...dress themselves.

This plays out over and over in our culture today. The creation that we were intended to care for, keep and dress, we are now using to serve ourselves.

And there's something about the misuse and destruction of creation that distances us from the Creator.

We not only need to concern ourselves with pushing back the forces of destruction, but by responding in a way that pursues creation.

Say it with's a creative theology.