Creativity Begets Creativity

There is a hole-in-the-wall nearby with excellent comfort food. The little restaurant is minimally staffed, and we always wait way too long for our food. But do we keep going back? Absolutely.

While we sit and wait for our food, we talk most of the time about going into the restaurant business. How fun it would be to own a place like where we were eating. What we could do with it, how we would design the space, the decor, the recipes, the whole bit.

Each time we eat there, the same thing happens. In fact, I've had exactly two conversations with my in-laws about the restaurant business, and they both happened in the same place. Not a coincidence.

Some restaurants make you want to go into the business just like some books make you want to be a writer and some paintings make you want to be the next Bob Ross...or something like that.

When (enter your craft here) is done well, it will inspire others.

Creativity begets creativity.

And I think it has to do with being created by the Creator, who's glory is revealed through creation.

It's a creative theology.