The Artistic Ego (Pt. 2)

As I previously stated, many artists deal with, and create in, the tension found between egotism and self-deprecation. I'd like to offer a few brief thoughts and hear from some of the artists with whom this resonates.

I believe that after the man and woman who lived in the garden ate the fruit and could see, there was a shift that occurred in the way we interact with creation that deeply affects artists. You see, we were created and invited to join God in the creation process. But along the way, we often move from the place of joining God in creation to a place where we create for themselves.

...and they sewed together leaves to cover themselves...

When we transition from joining God in the creation process to creating for ourselves, a sense of desperation enters the process. Joy is wiped away, and replaced by utility.

Those who engage their creativity completely apart from God rarely know creating apart from utility.

Utility is not beautiful. We can try to dress it up and lie to ourselves, but utility is utility. I bet the man and woman from the garden would agree.

So perhaps it's about perspective, or relationship, but one thing is clear. If you create for your own benefit, fulfillment will be constantly out of reach.

But there was a guy a couple thousand years ago who tore apart veils and kingdoms, and mended hearts, and began a process of restoration. And he provides a way to join God, get back on the path, and squeeze through the eye of the needle. To create in a way that draws inspiration from the Spirit that hovered over the deep, and to create in a way that points to the hope found in that same Spirit.

To the artists and stay-at-home moms who are more creative than self-professed "creatives" and to the business men and women and those trapped in Cubicle Land and to everyone in between...what say you?