Creative Theology Book & Ecourse


Creative Theology Book & Ecourse


Explore what it means to live in response to God's good work happening in you and around you. Live in such a way that God's good work happens through you. Live a life wide awake to what God is up to in the world, and take your place in the grand story. That's a creative theology.

What people are saying about the book:

“Creative Theology is deep, smart, brave, and beautiful. If that’s the kind of work that inspires you, read … no, experience this book.” -- Scott McClellan

“In the future, books will be a collision of content and art. Thanks to Sam Mahlstadt, the future is here. In this book, he helps us see the divine origination of creativity in the most beautiful format you could imagine.” -- Ben Arment

"I love what Sam has created in this beautifully written book. He challenges some basic assumptions held by those of us in the artistic community, taking us back to the Garden of Eden for discovery and reflection. I read this book as a critical observer, but in the end, the book ended up critiquing me. I paused at several points to simply consider the scope of what was being spoken to my heart. This is a great book!" -- Gary Molander

“It is beautiful. I love the writing, the design… everything!” -- Paul Stewart 

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