Understanding The Storyline of Our Faith

If you think about faith as a storyline, you can determine the essential and fundamental proponents. Our faith is a great story. Creation serves as our exposition. It is in the creation story that we meet our characters. God is the mysterious force behind creation, and is actively introduced. We don't get a bunch of back story or theological disposition - rather we meet him while he is doing what he does. Creating. You can be told that someone is a powerful, beyond-your-comprehension creator, but to understand the characteristic fully, it needs to be observed. So in Genesis, we meet this creative spirit that brings order to chaos. Then, we meet the first human, thus finding our place in the story.

The rising action is the story of the Israelites. From God promising to create a mighty nation by way of an old man and his barren wife, to God extending his hand to bring the Israelite nation out from under the fist of the Egyptian Empire. Even as this nation enters the Promised Land, the story is just getting good.

We see the climax in the scene with a Suffering King hanging on a Roman crucifix. For those of us who claim to follow Jesus the Messiah, the savior of the world, our faith hangs alongside his sweaty, bloody, beaten and maimed body. On the cross is where we see God join us in our pain with a promise of hope and a future kingdom.

The falling action is seen in the Scriptures with the letters to the early church. As we read about the exciting explosion of Christ's church across Europe and Asia, we see the kingdom that was promised flourishing admidst our sins and failures. The future promise is being realized by those who claim the message of restoration, even now.

Of course the book ends with more promises of what is to come, never fully wrapping up the story. As the final pages of Revelation close out the story, we find ourselves all throughout the text. We see our history, our anscestors, and fathers in the faith. We see ourselves in the characters who continually fall short and in the glimpses of mighty revelation. We see ourselves in the flux, in the tension of a kingdom that has come and that is still coming. We find ourselves in the falling action, awaiting our grand resolution. To be in the presence of the King, for eternity. I can't wait for the wedding banquent, and the good news is that the table is prepared.

It is a great story crafted by a masterful creator. I just hope that we can embrace the creative theology and realize a depth and dimension to our faith that has been long overlooked.