Participating in The Story

If we think about the storyline of our faith it is relatively easy to see our place in the falling action of the epic. The falling action often serves to tie up loose ends, and provide the author a way to close any unresolved or unresolvable issues. All too often, the falling action is where a story slips away from the reader, coasting to a stop devoid of much impact. The falling action of a story can quite simply kill the entire book if not done well. It can lessen the impact of the protagonist, it can create emotional distance between the story and the reader and it can cause you to feel as though you've wasted your time.

This difficult place in any story, is where we find ourselves in the story of our faith. The climax, featuring our messiah hung on a cross for all to see, and rising to take his place in glory, has passed. His story lives through us, but we are still not to the final page. The unresolved issues are being cleaned up and the unresolvable issues are refusing to budge. There is a great tension in the falling action, as everyone awaits the conclusion. Will it be worth it? echoes around both the participants and the spectators alike.

The promise of a new creation keeps us moving. The promise of a renewed kingdom with all things restored carries the story on. And we are the fabric of the story, the flesh and bones that get to walk out the final pages. We get to help usher in the new creation. It's an active role. We are not here to simply watch the story resolve itself, but rather, to help bring resolution to the story.

We are all creators that greatly reflect the Creator who spun the story together.