The Relationship Between Art and Fear

Art and fear are constantly dancing the tango of creation. The dance is empassioned, intentional and often times improvisational, as the ebb and flow of the creation process is matched by the rise and fall of fear. When it is time to sit down and do our work, to get into the rhythm, fear spikes in an unforgiving crescendo that swings us around the dance floor. As artists in these moments, we must tighten our grip and keep our feet moving.  To run from fear, to abandon the dance floor, in these moments is to concede to fear, which prevents us from completing (or even starting) our work. Rather, we must learn to dance well, and maintain composure. If we can look fear in the face, and press forward, we will soon enough take the lead. We all know that fear will never go away, it will only change outfits to meet us on the floor next time. Ah, but next time we will be sharper with our steps, and stronger in our lines. We will be ready to take fear by the hand and and begin our dance.

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