It's A New Day

This is a guest post from Jay Caruso. I'm a huge fan of Jay's. He's a great guy and a great photographer. 20120228-110236.jpg

Lent is typically associated with periods of fasting and giving up certain luxuries. I don't believe we need any specific time during the year to do such things, nor do I begrudge those that do.

The image above is one the represents a place where I am at in my life. 2011 was one of the most challenging years of my life. 2012 is a fresh start. New opportunities abound and my family and I will be calling a new city and state home. It is a season in my life where I will praise God for his abundant blessings. It is a time when I can rejoice in the ability to give to others and share the blessings I have received.

It's a new day.

This is a part of a series of daily reflections on the season of Lent.