The Emergency Room and Lent

Last night, after a few days of being unable to break my daughter's fever, we took her into the hospital to see a doctor. After a few tests, and a few hours, everything turned out to be okay. Traumatic experience for me, even though Kennedy was the one being poked and prodded. I am not the cool, calm and collected parent by any strectch of the imagination...thank God for my wife.

 Last night's experience did make me think about how this life, even in the midst of my own self-centeredness, is not about me. And it's not supposed to be about me. This life (when experienced in all its fullness) is about caring for those who God has placed in our lives.

I experienced the miracle of Kennedy being born almost two years ago, and it changed everything. Although on a lesser scale, this happens each time God places someone in our lives. And we I must learn to lift our my eyes off ourselves myself and be available to serve those around us me.

Lord, help me open my eyes and my heart. Amen.

This is a part of a series of daily reflections on the season of Lent.