All This Waiting is Making Me Crazy

This is a guest post by Mandy Thompson. Mandy is a twittererblogger and musician. Of course, she's on Facebook too. She's also a talented artist...more on that after the post. I write this on a Saturday afternoon while waiting for my husband to complete his sermon work so we can go out and celebrate. We've been waiting for months to receive word from our local Dept. of Human Services office that they have reviewed our inch-thick file and have deemed us fit to be Adoptive parents. That part of the waiting process is over. We received the "okay" yesterday. It's official.


We get to adopt. Some kid. Or kids. Sometime. Maybe soon. Maybe not.

We don't know all the details yet. We're still waiting for names and profiles and photos. Tonight is sort of a pre-celebration. We're in the "already, but not yet" of adoption. We've got something to celebrate, but there's much more to anticipate.

This stage of the adoption process feels a lot like Lent. It's hard. Exciting things are happening, and heartbreaking things are happening. We are walking away from the old and embracing the new. We are grieving. We are receiving. We are looking forward while still looking back.

We've been approved as Adoptive parents, but we haven't yet adopted.

Lent is the same. Christ is coming and Christ has come. Even though something has happened that's worth remembering, we can't ignore that we're still on our way. We're still on this journey and we haven't arrived at our final destination yet. The same holds true for this spiritual season. We remember Christ's death and resurrection, but we also remind ourselves that we are on a journey to something much greater. We're still waiting. Waiting on Christ comes back to take us home. So we sit with the homesickness of Lent, knowing we aren't meant to stay here where we are. Waiting on that moment when the "already" and "not yet" collide into one big "Gotcha Day" in Heaven, and all of us who have been adopted as sons and daughters, are met with a new home.

It's gonna be amazing, y'all. And, I don't know about you, but I can't wait.

This is a part of a series of daily reflections on the season of Lent.

Some art after the jump...


This art piece is one of Mandy's orginals. I had to pry it out of her, but she has an Etsy store where she posts these pieces. You should seriously check them out. The piece above can be purchased here, and you can visit the rest of her store here. Insider info: you can get 25% off any piece by using the code CTHEOLOGY at checkout...offer is good through Friday.