Productivity and Guilt

I often struggle with the pressure to be productive, and the guilt that comes along with a lack of productivity. Hear me out...I'm not trying to make excuses. However, in a productivity obsessed culture, it can become overwhelming when you feel the constant pressure to perform and produce. When this pressure permeates our view on what it means to be valued, we face the temptation of buying into the lie that we are worth what we create. This pressure creates a burden that enslaves us, and can also end up with us projecting unrealistic expectations on others as well. Needless to say, this is toxic for all involved. This is especially true to the person of faith who creates art, but that's a different conversation entirely.

While it's important to be cognizant of how much time we waste, especially among the jungle of information feeds, alerts and pushes, it is vital that we don't get sucked in to equating our worth with our productivity.

You are not your work.

You are not you expectations of yourself.

You are not the expectations other have of you.

You are valuable because you are you.

This is a part of a series of daily reflections on the season of Lent.