Economics, Creativity, and Value

This graph is from a fascinating article in the Atlantic, regarding the economic history of the world.

While the industrial revolution certainly marked a turning point in the global economy, I'd agree with Seth Godin that those outputs are being challenged in our present economy. It's no longer about who can work the fastest, for the cheapest, in a factory. The global economy will be impacted by the present and next generation more so in their ability to connect, adapt, and innovate.

I think we are living in the beginning of a creative revolution.

Here's the thing about creativity/prodcutivity talk that makes me a bit nervous: when we talk about those who are the most innovative or most creative or the most prolific, it adds a sense of pressure to those of us creating important work. We often make the mistake of creating to feel valued, rather than creating because we're valued. We don't create for God, we create with and in response to God.

The goal isn't to be the pioneer in the creative revolution, but to rest in the fact that you are valued by God. From there, you will create meaningful work with your life. And who knows, maybe even be a pioneer in the creative revolution.