Creativity Spawns Creativity

This is a guest post by my brilliant friend, Sam DuRegger Fertile creativity is a creative product or process that has the ability to propagate further creativity into perpetuity, that is to say – creativity spawns creativity.

I came upon this concept in Eugene Peterson’s book, “Working the Angles” in which he states..."The variants of error are finite. The 'deadly sins' can be numbered; it is virtue that exhibits the endless fertility of creation."

I really like the idea of sin being finite. It makes sense when you think about it, as sin cannot lead to life, as it only leads to death and/or destruction.

Wrath begets murder. Greed begets taking. Sloth begets nothing. Pride begets stumbling. Lust begets wanting. Envy begets resenting. Gluttony begets devouring.

But, what about virtue?

Temperance begets enjoyment. Prudence begets wisdom. Fortitude begets courage. Justice begets equity.

Faith begets conviction. Hope begets expectation. Love begets love in return.

My hope is in your creative endeavors. That each of the projects you pour your heart into will overflow with fertile creativity. A virtuous creativity that will propagate your artistic legacy as one of hope, love, and strong conviction -- positive and long-lasting impressions meant to give life in a world driven towards destruction.