Identity & Value Pt. 2

A few more thoughts on identity and value:

Understanding the importance and significance of our work is one side of the coin...

The other side is not allowing ourselves to be defined by our work. You are not your art, even though you are all tied up into it in weird sorts of ways, and a part of you is exposed when you create something for the world to see.

You are not your failures, even when they deeply impact you and those around you. And you are also not your past. Every day is an opportunity to turn the page on a chapter in your life and move forward in creating a body of work with your life you'll be proud of.

You are not your successes, even when those around you begin to feel and think differently about you because of them. Celebrate successes, and then carry on. Refuse to define your worth and value by how or what you produce. Eventually you'll fail, and in that moment, you'll need to understand that you are not your failures.

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