Identity & Value Pt. 3

Final post on identity and value...

We are like a nation in exile

In Exodus 5, Moses and Aaron approach Pharaoh requesting that he release the Israelites from their slavery to present their offerings to God. Pharaoh responded negatively, as he saw their request as a result of being lazy.

Taking time off work to offer up their hard earned goods to God was, by economic standards, wasteful. The people's worth was entirely wrapped up in their work. Their value was quantified in bricks. A slave was simply worth the bricks he could produce.

It is in this context, where for 400 plus years the Israelite nation was worth only what they could produce, that God commands rest.

To a people whose lives were centered around productivity, God commanded that they take time out to pause. To recharge. To rest.

Sabbath tends to make us uncomfortable for the same reasons Pharaoh found it repulsive. Much like Pharaoh, our society sees taking time out to pause as wasteful, lazy even.

We have commitments, deadlines, soccer practice, dance recitals, church services, and dinner parties. We have all these things which make us feel like we're worth something. Our value, then, is often determined by how much we can get done...

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