Evangelicals In Exile


Evangelicals in exile was born out of…

a desire, or more realistically, a nagging, to share what I’ve learned on viewing faith and the Bible and theology through a new lens. 

This desire has grown out of a need to examine some of the damaging theology of the American Evangelical church in which I was raised. As I've examined long-held beliefs, I've come across new views of God often rooted in ancient tradition and in the teachings of the church mothers and fathers that have not only filled in the gaps, but have created a more vibrant faith. 

I’ve discovered resources, teachings, and theological concepts which have been helpful in my faith journey, and may be helpful for you too.  

This process has a name: deconstruction (setting aside long-held beliefs) and reconstruction (forming a new view to replace the old). 

In (re)visiting ancient history and theology, I’ve had fresh insights I wish I'd come across years ago. 

My goal is to use this page to unpack some of those learnings, provide resources to help you on your journey, and to make space for us to grow together.

You can learn more about the project here.